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Aug 7 '13

Party Re-Pete was the second board I worked on for Regular Show and I made it with Sarah Oleksyk. You can find the whole board right here and the biggest change to the board happens at page 180:

This is the song I referenced in the flashback:


This was the hardest episode that I’ve worked on to date. This was also my first taste of just how much an episode can change from its original premise and taught me the things I should look for in a new outline.

The original outline had a scene where it shows the story of how Party Pete became Party Pete. It didn’t say how really, just that there was a flashback and that the two party CEO’s started cloning Party Pete. So I kind of had to make up Party Pete’s backstory whole cloth.

So I finished up the whole board with this epic Party Pete flashback, but it was changed after I handed it in (for the better, story wise I think). It turned out, when I put this flashback in there, we really shifted the focus too much from Benson to Party Pete. The meat of the story is supposed to be about Benson and the search for him, Party Pete is there as sort of fun side-helper in a way. So because this backstory was included, it made the story quite muddled. When they changed it to being more about Benson, I think it was better choice. Because of this, I always always make sure that I’m focusing on the main character of the story as much as I can. I try very hard to make sure that the main point focus of the story is first and foremost now.

A lot of jokes were cut for time, including an explanation of why Audrey had a casserole for Benson at the end.

I also included a picture of what the original inside of the Party Starters warehouse looked like.

Hope you enjoy all this stuff and may your headcanons get suddenly more complex!

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